Wilson 100LS Burn Tennis Racket

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This Wilson Burn 100LS racquet is a true spin machine ! The racquet has been redesigned to conform to higher Wilson standards (the black colour replaces the grey from the previous model and there is orange at 3 and 9 o'clock. These colours give a little extra character to your racquet and game ! 

Advantages : Power – Manoeuvrability – Spin

The 18x16 string pattern made with the Spin Effect technology will allow you to play with a little more security. The strings will move more at impact point. The result ? The ball will quickly fall within the court and bounce higher.  

This Burn 100LS racquet weighs 280g and will be easy to manoeuvre as it is nice and light. Therefore, this racquet will correctly adapt to beginners, intermediate level players and juniors who are looking for their first adult racquet. 

The 645cm² head size makes it easier to hit the ball in the centre of the strings and provides a good compromise between power and control. Also, the 32.5cm balance will be very manoeuvrable and make it easier to control the ball.  

Ideal from the back of the court, this Burn 100LS racquet is also excellent for volleying as it is manoeuvrable and stable. You will even enjoy serving with this model as you will be able to generate extra spin

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