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​How to choose a junior tennis racket

Posted by Gotto Sports on

We often get asked how one should choose a kids’ tennis racket.

Kids’ tennis rackets vary in length – from 17’’ to 26’’, as some racket brands offer a rough guide which is based on the kid’s age or height.

The rough guide based on age and height is as follows:

Age 2-4     Size: 19’’    Height: 40 inches or shorter

Age 4-6     Size: 21’’    Height: 40-44 inches

Age 6-8     Size: 23’’    Height: 45-49 inches

Age 8-10   Size: 25’’    Height: 50-55 inches

Age 9-11   Size: 26’’    Height: over 55 inches

Is the racket the right length

An easy test we do is to ask the child to stand upright and to hold the racket on the grip flat to their side. If the racket is not touching the floor and there is no more than half to one inch distance from the ground – then the racket is a good size. If the racket is too short and there are a couple of inches between the racket and the ground, then go a size up.

Grip size

Racket sizes come in inches and for junior players it is easier to determine the grip size, because manufacturers produce a 4-inch grip size for almost all kids’ tennis racquets.

If you think the grip size is too small, the easiest way to build up a grip is to simply add an overgrip, which will increase the grip size by about 1/16 of an inch.

As you little tennis player gets older you will also have a choice to choose between a basic aluminium racket and a better quality racket with graphite in it. This all depends what level your child is, how often they play and how much you want to spend on a tennis racket.

If you are not sure on the size or model of the racket you need we are always happy to help. Contact us on 028 9038 1722, email:


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